About AYA

The AGBU-AYA (Armenian Youth Association) was founded in Syria in 1932.

Under the moral and financial support of the AGBU, the AYA quickly flourished, attracting many young Armenians from different communities.

The worldwide youth branches of the AGBU bear different names. However, they all act according to the same purpose, values and beliefs. In Syria, USA, Lebanon, Canada, Cyprus, Iran & Iraq the AGBU youth branch is called AYA (Armenian Youth Association). In Egypt it is called HMEM Noubar. In Jordan HYM; in South America, the Armenian League, ect…

Purpose of the AGBU-Armenian Youth Association

The AGBU-AYA is a non-political association, the purpose of which is to preserve and promote the Armenian heritage by: 1) Educating young Armenians both morally and physically.

2) Improving their knowledge of the Armenian heritage and history.

3) Preparing future citizens who are loyal to their native country and take pride in their Armenian heritage.

4) Preparing members who place high values on spiritual issues and serve the Armenian mother church of St. Etchmiadzin.

AYA Activities

The AYA range of activities is the following:

1) Cultural: It includes Armenian folk dance groups, theatrical groups and choirs.

2) Sports Activities: Includes football, basketball, ping-pong, tennis.

Taekwondo, cycling, athletism and many other sport-related activities. 3) Scouts Movement.

4) Social Activities.